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Future Forward


Andrew, inspired by his exploratory Congressional run in 2020 against Jan Schakowsky... and the overall experiences of modern-day politics, has been writing a book for the past two years reflecting on the needs of the 9th Congressional District and this nation, exploring ways to break the partisan-divide.


The older generations of politicians have failed us on both sides of aisle. He reminds us of our U.S. history and how got here, a history which is not part of the conversation, and he proposes ways in which citizens at the District level can come together regardless of party affiliation to economize on their disagreements and together help create better public policy. He takes us on a journey from Ancient Athens to the days of our Founding Fathers and offers solutions discussed within academic circles for a better future and for the future forward.​


You can make a request by emailing INFO@ANDREWHELDUT.COM.


Thank you! We Can Do Better.

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