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It should not be about "access to care" it should be "guaranteed care."


Even after the Affordable Care Act, over 27 million Americans still lack health coverage. Our healthcare system is wasteful, ineffective, and inefficient with hundreds of billions of dollars fueling tremendous administrative costs and executive compensations, a healthcare system that is designed for profit and not for the people.

There are countless stories of a family being financially ruined through out-of-pocket costs after deductibles have been reached, with medical bills becoming the number one leading reason for bankruptcies. No one should go bankrupt because of cancer. In other cases, patients refuse tests because of their high-deductible plans. Patients ask to switch their medications because they can no longer afford them under their plan. We have a broken system.

I call for providing universal public healthcare coverage through a single-payer program for all Americans through Medicare-For-All and reducing administrative costs, medical costs, and profits. 

There's ample data that expansion of Medicaid has cut the rate of cardiovascular disease, expanded prescriptions to mental health medications, and improved a consumer's financial well-being. Healthy people make 28% more over their lifetimes than unhealthy people. All of this points that our economy would be stimulated by having a guaranteed access to healthcare.

We must also reduce prices of prescription drugs. I support the Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act, the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act and the Prescription Drug Price Relief Act.

How do we pay? Download PDF, "Financing Medicare-For-All"

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