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Public 4-year colleges, community colleges, and technical schools should be free with both the Federal and State Governments sharing the cost. Everyone should have access to higher education.

For example, we could have the federal government finance a % percent of the cost of tuition replacement, and states would match the rest. We could make public four-year universities tuition-free for students from families earning less than a certain amount (i.e.$125,000 per year) and increase the maximum Pell grant (i.e. to $13,000 per year). But we would still need to incentivize states to reduce their costs of tuition especially for community-colleges, because otherwise states that have the highest rates would receive more federal dollars than those that worked hard to reduce them (and this is one of the challenges).

We also need to decrease overall 4-year university costs, as tuition can be sometimes as high as $50,000 per year for private universities in the USA, and no student should be burdened with such tremendous costs. When I was studying as a full-time undergraduate student at a globally-ranked university in Scotland, in the United Kingdom, in-state tuition was only £1,820 (roughly $2,271) per year.

I call for a liberation through a one-time alleviation of all college loans (public and private) for everyone. We would also need to figure out a way to compensate those that paid their student loans in the past 10-years who were also caught in the midst of this student loan crisis (this should be decided by their current income).

Federal-Loan Borrower Who Makes less than $127,000,

  • a one time cancellation of up to $250,000 student debt for each student (and elimination of any interest that has accrued)

Private-Loan Borrower Who Makes less than $127,000,

  • a one time cancellation of up to $250,000 student debt for each student (and elimination of any interest that has accrued) by buying back the financing of privately owned loans.

Interest Capping. THIS IS IMPORTANT. For example, interest on many Federal loans are over 7%. We Need Future Enactments For Federal Loans To Become More Manageable,

  • cap interest at 1.88%

  • informing American students to transition to Payee and Repaye programs which caps payments at 10% of income (income-driven repayment)

  • create a "no obligation" policy for paying off loans if a student makes below a certain income (i.e. $60,000).

  • addressing the public forgiveness problem by simplifying qualifications by consolidating the loans to immediately allow student to start paying their qualifying 120 payments.

Creating conditions for greater access to education for all Americans,

  • Provide Pell Grants to low-income students to cover the non-tuition fees.

  • Increase funding for the Work-Study Program and make it eligible for all students to start gaining vital experience from Day 1.

  • Increase funding for the TRIO Programs including the GEAR UP Program for more low-income students, students with disabilities, and first-generation students to attend and graduate college with a degree.

  • Public subsidies to high schools that are willing to adopt the International Baccalaureate program helping streamline standards of schooling across America especially in poorer communities.

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