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Why We Need Change

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I am a Millennial, a Progressive of the New Generation. By observing the political process for many years, it is clear to me: our country has too much hatred and irrational partisanship, dividing the political process to a point of stagnation. Big money, big interests, ill-will, prejudices and ignorance dictate the inner-workings of our political process. To add, our political discourse has turned violent and deadly, and we fear more is to come. As history shows, this is a failure attributed to both sides of the aisle (albeit disproportionately) over the course of 70 or so years. And a Member of Congress that sits blindly to U.S. political history and does nothing to that effect is no longer needed and should easily be replaced.


With the way things are, our politicians are destined to never break the partisan divide. That is why we need to move towards a Deliberative Democracy model at the local level as outlined in my book. Change comes from the bottom up. We millennials and the new generations feel left out from the political process and have the dire will to get government back to doing its job and implement common-sense policies. And so we need to explore ways in which we can bring upon change, first at the District level, and then on the national and institutional level.


Only then can we level the playing field for fair and equal opportunity for all Americans to live up to our American creed of egalitarianism and keep our generations safe from real problems. We are done listening. We are coming to action to save our Nation and our Planet. We can do better.

Andrew Heldut

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